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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Peegu Pandey and Tuffy Singh

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Wonder who are Peegu (prounce as Peeju) Pandey and Tuffy Singh.

These are actually Pigeons and Tuffy, the dog that lives in our neighbor. I have always been fascinated by seeing pigeons from our room window, so whenever I cry or make foul, mom takes me to the window ans ask me to look for pigeons, to whom we gave a nick name Peegu and dad added Pandey to it so it became Peeju Pandey. Now a days, mom, dad keep saying, see Peeju Pandey here, see Peeju Pandey there 🙂

Since, Pigeon were given a surname, dad also gave a surname to Tuffy, Singh, to rhyme with the name. Not sure how 🙂

But now I am used to these 2 names as have been hearing these for past 8-10 months.

I love my Peeju Pandeys and Tuffy Singh.

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