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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

My normal day these days

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Let me share my usual “dincharya” these days.

I get up at 8AM after so much of push and pull from mom and dad. National Geographic channel is ON on TV. While watching enumia, konan, deers, crocodiles, tigers etc, dad makes me drink luke-warm water.

Then I brush my teeth. Dad help me quickly take a bath. I dress up for school and again sit in front of TV watching 2-2 animals. Mom has already packed my lunch and water bottle by then. My school bag is also ready.

I give a very hard time to dad for drinking the milk. After some 10-15 minutes, I say bye bye to mom, aunty & Swati didi and dad and me leave for school.

My school timings are from 9AM to 11:30AM.

Dad leaves me at the gate and leave. Initially I am reluctant to go inside but sooner I am enjoying there.

We read books, do coloring, identify animals, objects, play with each other, eat lunch, make noises etc. Dad watch me from  home over the net (CCTV).

He comes back to pick me up at 11:30AM while we all are playing outside. You know, our school also has a Gym for kids with real equipments.


On the way back, I eat potato chips, gems, cucumber etc.  in the car. We reach home and it’s time for my lunch. The lunch is ready before I reach home. I again give a very hard time to dad making me eat my food. I play on his iPhone or watch TV while eating.

Dad leaves for his office after lunch is done. Time for an afternoon nap. Mom makes me sleep by 1PM. I got up at around 3PM and then is the time to full masti till night.

Mom makes me eat something, cheela, idli, uthappam, upma, bread etc. TV is on Cartoon Network or Hungama till the time dad comes, who switches to news channels 🙁

I drink a little “Hottie Tea” (yes that’s what I call hot tea as) with mom and then chocolate hot milk while playing with mom’s cell.

Sometimes mom makes me free to go to Shukla aunties house else I am at home only. Dad comes at around 8:30PM or so and then it’s the time for soup, play with him and more and more masti.

After dad is done with his dinner, he makes me drink milk again at around 10:30PM and then both makes me go inside the room for the day end nap. If I am not sleeping, they show me moti aunty and I lie down silently ending up to dreams in 10-15 minutes.

And the day ends. It is the same day again the next day.

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