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Bad Beginning of 2012

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It is not at all a good start that I was looking for to my first new year 2012. I was down with viral last week and now it has stuck my mom.

I wasn’t well last week, had high fever, irritation and all sorts of strange stuffs inside stomach, constipation initially due to heavy antibiotics then loose motion, vomiting etc. It all started with a basic cough on 28th Jan eve which turned to fever next morning.

It was Sunday so I couldn’t be shown to a doctor but went to Dr Sabnis next day and she started Combiflame. But when no improvement she started antibiotics which caused constipation though I started to feel better in couple of days.

Now that I am better, mom is down with Viral. Her is the similar case, started with a cough, turned to fever next day (it was Sunday again 🙁 ). It is viral and strong antibiotics are on.

Dad hasn’t gone to office for about 10 days and is taking care of both the ladies in his Pune’s life (there are many in his Delhi’s life 🙂 ).

Hope we get well soon and get back to our normal life. Thanks dad for all extra things that you have done for us.

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  1. Everything will be alright betu, don’t worry …


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