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First day at school

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The day finally arrived, today was my first day at school.

Mom & dad, after grilling various schools, decided Kider Brook at Viman Nagar to be my first school.

Got up at 8:30, the school was to start at 9:30 am. Dad brought bread and jam for me and mom prepared my lunch and packed my bag with lunch and water bottle. We could not have left before 10 am as mom and dad were also coming with me on my first day.


We reached there. There were around 10-11 kids already and everyone gave me a warm welcome but I was not interested in that instead I reached to the toys lying there and started playing with them.

Teacher was singing rhymes for the class but I wasn’t interested in them too.

Mom sat with me but when dad refused to come inside the class, I tried to escape but then dad also came inside and sat there with me.

I kept roaming inside the class. I knew when dad left silently without telling anyone, even me (of course), chupke chupke 🙂 Dad sat outside while I continued to play inside.

Maushi aunty (helping lady who takes care of the kid along with the teacher) brought blocks game for us and we all played with blocks. I was more interested in what others were making using them.

One of the block in my hand, unknowingly hit another girl’s head. She cried and I apologized by standing quite for a while but normal within minutes.

During lunch time, I was not interested in jam-bread instead biscuits that others had brought. I did not eat them either, instead tasted and threw them on the floor.

Having troubled the whole class for around 1-1.25 hours, the teacher told mom that we could leave as this was my first day. Mom stood and we came out instantly, as if mom was waiting for the moment. Dad was outside too and we left happily 🙂

On the way back mom was telling dad about the incident and dad immediately said “Pehle hi din sar phod diya ek ladki ka” (Bursted head of a girl on the very first day!). “WOW!! what a girl Aanya is”.

What dad, had to make my first day a memorable one 🙂 🙂

Dad clicked a lot of pics, I’ll be posting those soon.

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