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Lost 1 kg in 1 month

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I had 13.6 kg in the beginning of last month but within a month I have lost 1 kg.

After weighing on 2nd Nov last month at Dr. Sabnis’s clinic, we went to Delhi, to Sammed Shikharji from their and now after coming back to Pune when we went to see Dr. Udavant on 3rd Dec (I was having bad cough & cold), I was weighing 13.1 kg.

Mom & dad are on mission since then. Not making me eat forcefully and I am mad about not eating anything at all. Trust me, when we went to see Dr. Udavant again yesterday (7th Dec), I was weighing 12.6 kg i.e. lost 1/2 kg in just 4 days.

WOWWW !!! That’s the power of not eating anything 🙂

Mom & dad are still hoping that I would start eating on my own but so far I am having fun seeing them getting irritated.


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  1. Why are you doing that darling … We are sad to see you like that … please start eating with us baby .. you’r my pumpkin pumpkin, hello honey bunny …


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