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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

First birthday story

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Best birthday I could have ever imagined.

First, dad brought some pastries at 11th midnight, I was awake and we all celebrated with khana, gana and bajana. On birthday, mom & dad had planned to go to a orphanage and celebrate my birthday with kids that really need some happiness.

Dad and mamu had also done a little bit of decoration of house.

We all left for an orphanage, MAHER, at Wadgaon Sheri at around 4PM and reached their in 30 minutes. We were accompanied by Swati didi, Sonu didi, and bittooo bhaiya.

I was amazed to see so many children and wardens waiting for us. They all welcomed us gracefully. I met all of them. It was so fun seeing and playing with them.

We then all went to first floor hall where dad & mamu had already started doing some decorations. Balloons and all.

We had brought birthday cake, snacks, cold drinks and gifts for them.

Children first prayed to GOD for the well-being of all. I cut the cake, then. Chanting of “Happy Birthday” was so loud that people on the road could also listen.

We, then, distributed the cake, snacks and gifts to everyone. They were all so happy and I was the most happy on the floor seeing them smiling. I was playing with them. It was an extremely nice feeling celebrating the best day with kids that actually need our time.

Dad also donated some of his salary bucks.

We (Dad, mom, mamu, Swati dee, Sonu dee, Bitto bhai) then went to Inorbit Mall and I played at Kool Kidz, a play-out zone for kids. It was so tiring and so playful for me. We ate at the food court and came back home.

It was such a fruitful day. Although, I did miss my dadu, dadi, nanu, nani and Anvi dee but will meet them soon sometime.

I slept early as I was so tired. A good end to a good day.

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