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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Second day at school

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A very different second day from the first day of my school.

Dad accompanied me to school but left me at the gate and vanished straight away. I kept looking for him but he was completely out of my sight (he later mentioned that he was just outside the school).

Initially, I was reluctant inside but got used to everything pretty soon. Teachers and maushi aunties, all are good. Most of the time I was playing outside but also went inside the class for a while to listen to the rhymes. Did not eat anything at the lunch time though.


Stayed there for around 1.5 hours and then became restless and teacher told dad that the day was over for me. She also mentioned that I was a good kid today and did not miss home either.

For couple of more days, I would get early leave. After that it would be entire 2.25 hours.

Frankly, I am beginning to enjoy my time at the school. Rest of my day goes good after the school and that’s good for everyone 🙂 🙂

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