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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

5th Vaccination at Pune

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I had my fifth vaccination today. It was my 6th month birthday too. I have now turned 6 months old. Time is flying.

Okay, my this vaccination was of Rotavirus. Never heard of it before but Dr. Sabnis suggested it to dad so he thought of me having it too as he had seen ads of it on televisions. He did not want to miss any opportunity to see me in pain 😉 … just kiddin dad …

I had Rotavirus I a month ago and this was my 2nd and last vaccination for some time. Nothing special, it is a polio kind drops and no injection, so I was safe.

We went to Dr. Sabnis, it was crowded as always. Waited there for 30 minutes or so and had my vaccincation. I weighed 7.6 KG – 6 months, not bad.

Allllzzzz welll 🙂

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