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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Back with Dad

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Yes, I am finally back from Nani’s house to my Dadu’s house. It was a very nice stay with my Nanu & Nani. Really enjoyed my time there, but being with my dad is the time I always look for.

I really missed you dad. You came to meet me twice and I wanted you to stay back but you didn’t. Next time do stay at Nani’s house too with me. Okay!!

Now I have started smiling and responding to olleee aalleee oyeee oyeee prrrrr lolololol and 100 different sounds that you and others make to talk to me as if I don’t understand Hindi or English.

I have a bit cold and cough which I think will be taken care. I am really looking forward to go back to Pune’s lovely weather with you and mom.


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