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Vaccination Day

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It’s time for my first vaccination / injection day tomorrow (BCG and Polio).

I am really worried. What will happen, How will I manage? Although, my dad, mom, grand-maa would be there with me but I know they won’t share the pain 🙁

Oh my GOD, please save me from the pain!

I have also heard that infants get mild fever after that and pain persists for couple of days…. Oh no …. koi mujhe bachao

Dad, mere achche dad, please please please… can we not skip this?? Please dad, mere pyaare dad….


  1. Paa

    Don’t worry betu everything will be alright … and you just cannot skip it … It is mandatory … It is for you only betu .. try to understand anya …

  2. It did not hurt much … thank GOD and dad …


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