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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Early I wake up, Late I sleep

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My dad tried being over smart yesterday. I will tell you how 🙂

I have been sleeping at 2 in the night these days for some time. Dad and mom are fed up of this. Although they want to sleep themselves but they can’t unless I am asleep. Dad keeps roaming with me in and out and tries his best to make me sleep but I don’t before 1:30, 2AM. And when I sleep at 2 then obviously I would wake up late, that’s around 11:30, 12 PM.

Dad had a trick yesterday, he woke me up early in the morning at 9AM thinking if I wake up early, probably I would sleep earlier. But all his plans went in vain when I did not sleep till 12…1….1:30….2 and not even by 2:30. But, by the time clock stuck 3, I was in my dreams.

Dad did not wake me up early today, he did not want to repeat the history :p

So, gist of the story is, early you wake me up, late I will let you sleep … hahahahaha 🙂 I’m loving it …


  1. Beta, plz plz plz … time par so and time par jaago … dadu ne sun liya naa watt lag jaayegi … main gin gin ke badle lunga jab bhudda ho jaaunga … hoping u’ll care for me 🙂


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