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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Locked the door from outside

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You know what I did today!!

Dad went to the wash room and locked the door from inside, and as I was following him and he was not opening the door I locked him from outside and sat there waiting  for his reaction 🙂

After some minutes when he tried to come out, he found himself locked out. He shouted and I was just sitting outside the gate and smiling 🙂 hahahahah

Mom finally came and opened the door. They were amazed that I could do this but they should understand that I am growing up fast and would do all sorts of mischievous things throughout the day. After all I have nothing else to do 🙂

Mom, beware as you opened the door for dad but who would open it for you when dad is in the office. Hahahaha

I’m lovin it.

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