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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

My Shikharji yatra story

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Wow!! I was waiting for this time.

My first Shikharji yatra and that too when I am only 1 and half years. Thanks dad for making it happen. I was so scared when everyone was planning to leave me at Madhuban with Dadi, dadu and Anvi dee but dad was courageous enough to hire a doli and planned to take me for the holy darshan. Thanks dad for making it happen.

I am so happy today.

We left at around 2AM and managed to start for the yatra at around 3AM. Took 1 hour looking for the doli dad hired a night before but later hired another one on the spot.

Doli ride was good. Mansi dee was holding me in the doli while I was sleeping.

We reached the first tonk at around 7AM where mom and dad made me ate something. I was awake by that time. Then dad held me in his hands and I walked for some time too and visited all tonks nearby. It was awesome weather atop.


When we started for Chandaprabhu tonk, I was asleep again and doliwale took me to the tonk in no time. Dad was following me all through. Mom, chachi, chachu and Mansi dee also came in few minutes.

After Chandaprabhu tonk, Jal mandir and Parasnath tonk were the next points. We did all that sooner than later. It had become a sunny day by then. Jal mandir was very crowded. We reached Parasnath tonk in an hour from then. We did the darshan and it was time for me to eat again. I easily ate their.

We started our down yatra at 2PM and expected to touch the ground at around 6 PM. It was me and Mansi dee in the doli and rest were coming behind us. We all met last at Gandharva nala (where we get Prashad) and then our doliwale ran at jet speed.

We reached down at 5:30PM. There was nobody for us. Doliwale took us to our room, there was no power, dark everywhere and room was locked too. We sat there and were very scared. Seeing me crying, Mansi dee started crying too. Dad and everyone came after 30 minutes and we were both scared till then. All was well after that.

All in all, a very very good day. Thank GOD for allowing me visit your holy place.

Here’s the video and pics.

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