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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Miss you Dad

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I am away from my Dad for the very first time. I have come to my Nani-maa’s place with my mom for a week or so and today is my first night here and I have already started missing my dad. I don’t know how comings days going to be.


I am sure he is missing me too. Mom just told that he already called up so many times asking about me. I am absolutely all right dad, it’s just I am missing more than you are missing me.

I have been awake all couple of nights and my dad took good care of me, talking to me in the midst of sleep. Mom too takes care of me but you know my dad is my dad. He is sho cute 🙂

Love you and miss you dad. Come very soon. I am missing Grand-paa’s house and Anvi didi too.

We will then go to Pune and enjoy weather there. Okay dad!!


  1. Deepika Aunty

    Hi ANYA

    How are you baby…….hope u r enjoying at ur nani’s house. Dad is missing you a lot bache and he is eagerly waiting to hold you in cradle of his arms…till then you have a nice time and keep smiling

    God bless u

    Bye and love for the kiddo


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