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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Went to Mom’s Office

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to visit Mom’s office so early in life as I am.

My mom joined back the office and I visited with her on her first day after I came in her life. Although I did not go in but dad was handling me with care ( 🙂 ) outside her office. He even carried my food and helped me eat it. He is too good.

Spent couple of hours @ Magarpatta Pune, she did few things inside and came back. Went again the next day to her office, this time at Eon, Kharadi, Pune.

I am guessing, will be going daily now on. Mom just has to swipe her card to mark her presence (intelligent). She is working in Mphasis.

Let’s see.

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  1. Looking cute beta …


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