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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

First Ashtami Kanjak

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It was my first Ashtami today and I got the opportunity to be a Kanjak at our neighbors house. Shukla aunty, Swati dee, Sonu dee .. really enjoyed my time out with them. I got a chunni, halwa puri and all sorts of stuffs. Fundu time 🙂

Here’s what Kanjak is:

Kanjak is a ritual that is carried on either on Ashtami/Navami day in both Navaratris, after a 7/8 days fast with eating only restricted foods and abstaining from eating non-vegetarian foods, abstaining from alcohol and smoking at times. With a purity of mind and spirit, it is on this day that puri, halwa, chana and subji are prepared and young girls are given a feast.

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