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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Day 5 @ Ruby Hall

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Very long and tiring day, indeed. Dad, grand-paa, grand-maa, mom, grand-bua-maa and myself were eagerly waiting to get permission to go home but these hospital admin guys are not only rude but arrogant as if they are the owners of this hospital. Yes, I am talking about Ruby Hall, a reputed hospital in Pune, India. Although, dad told me that he would right a detailed review on his blog (www.nkjlive.com), but just to say quickly, these guys did not get approval from TTK (Don’t ask me what it is) due to their incomplete request and multiple to and fro e-mails.

Finally, we got approval and left for our home at 6PM. And here came my sweet sweet home. It’s really awesome. Small but huge.

Thanku mom and dad. Grand-maa changed my clothes and freshen me up. I really felt good to be at home.

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