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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Lavasa trip

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A visit to hills around Pune during monsoon is the most awesome thing.

Visited Lavasa with mom, dad, mausiji, mausaji and Sashu bhai. Most amazing  day to start this season of monsoon. We enjoyed the day out fully.

Reached there in the afternoon, everyone had lunch (I too), played in the play ground and roamed around the shopping place.

It started raining heavily when we planned to return and had to wait for a while under a small roof. Everyone around started playing with me, vella time for them, you see 🙂

Since rain was not stopping, we ran towards our car. Dad held me while running. I was completely drenched but the most funny thing was, as soon as we reached to our car and started, rain stopped. Dhattt tere ki !!!! :p

A good day otherwise.

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