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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Me & my Laptop

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I love being on this gadget when I don’t know much about it. I use it to watch songs, listen to my rhymes and view my videos, pics etc and just that.

I always ask mom and dad to play songs on this when I am not liking their boring saas-bahu type serials and crime patrol almost every time.

Chalao naa naino se baan re, bol bachchan, chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi and bharat mata ki jai are some of my favorite songs. I love watching them again and again.

When dad and mom don’t listen to me and open the laptop, I blackmail them to open it. How I do it, you would see in the end. I do it vomit style. They are very scared of my vomit 🙂

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