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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Machinery has Started

line Her machinery system is just starting to work properly, says Dr. Udavant uncle."
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You know we went to see the doctor today (Dr. Prashant Udavant, Ruby Hall). Actually, I was feeling a bit of cold and excreting a lot from some days and dad took me to Udavant uncle.

Dad was worried but within seconds of entering his consulting room we all were relaxed, specially dad. Doctor uncle said that my actions and behavior are pretty normal.

My growth as in weight was also fine. I weighed 3.285 gms today.

What I loved today was his quote which he said smiling, “Her machinery system is just starting to work properly.” meaning systems inside my body (digestive etc) are just working fine and coming to the shape.

I just loved the statement, so did my dad.

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