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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Stay at Nani’s place

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Came back from Nani’s place today. Stayed there for 3 weeks from 3rd Jul to 24th Jul and had the most memorable days of my Delhi visit. Although I did miss my dad but played with him on his visits here.

Nanu is really enjoyable. He was the one with whom I played the maximum. I missed Mamu too but you see he has more important work than me. It has been around two and a half months and he did not care to meet me. I will fight with him once we meet.

Nani was always busy in the kitchen or here and there and Mom is like “Betu what happened, hungry??“, always.

My bua also came to visit me with Noni but I was mostly busy with people coming to see me. Mom’s Tauji, Chachaji, cousin, sister, yeh, woh etc, very tiring days those were, really, but enjoyable too. Loved meeting all of them.

Some of the pics where you will find me sleeping most of the time. {Mom managed to click me only when I was sleeping :)}

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