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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

First Vaccination Day Pics

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It was my first vaccination day today.

I along with my grand-maa and dad went to Ruby Hall Clinic and waited for close to an hour before being given vaccination by the doctor. It was very crowded I must say.

I also met one of my friend who was born hours later to my birth. We became good friends there and then.

Although, I was sleeping most of the time but when my turn came to go inside, GOD knows what happened, I woke up with wide eyes open. Grand-maa was holding me and dad was standing scared, as it was his first time too as was mine.

Polio drops were just fine but the BCG injection on my shoulder, I screamed and cried like anything. My dad almost cried with me. He loves me too much naa…

I was okay within few minutes and went to sleep. I was still with grand-maa. Dad took couple of pics which are right below and then we came back.

Day after that was mixed with feelings. Sleeping most of time but crying as and when feeling the pain.


  1. Anvi

    hey anya.. .hw r u doin my lil sis..haan make sure u r done with ur vaccination thing on time…bahut jaroori hota hai ye sab..luv u


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