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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Family in Pune – Shirdi, Nashik trip

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Our first trip after chachu, chachi and Anvi dee left for Delhi.

This trip started from Pune. First stop was Shirdi. It was my first trip to Shirdi even though we stay very close to it; comparatively. It was damn hot and as soon as we stood in the queue, the aarti started and we kept standing for an hour. It was very tiring.

After darshan, we left for Gajpantha, a Jain temple near Nashik city. We reached there at around 6PM. Since the sun started setting, we could not start for the darshans on hills so we thought of roaming around the city, specially the ghats alongside river Godavari where Maha kumbh occurs every 12 years. Really enjoyed the evening there.

Started early next morning for the darshans on the hill as we had to reach Trimbakeshwar by 10 for a pooja. Had good time climbing the stairs in a little cold weather.

On the way to Trimbakeshwar, we stopped at a viticulture or grapes ki kheti and saw large number of huge brunches of grapes hanging all around. The owner gave few to us for free.

It became hotter by the time we reach there and left after couple of hours. We could not even visit the temple as the queue was long and everyone started feeling tired in the scorching sun heat.

Left in the afternoon, had lunch at a dhaba. Saw Anjanagiri, the birth place of Lord Hanuman and then reached the temples of Devlali. It took us some time to find though.

Left Devlali in the evening only to stop at Pune at around 9:30PM. A good couple of days.

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