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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Dinner @ our place

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It was our turn today, after party at Swapnil uncle’s place, to host a dinner for dad’s colleague at our place. Although, our place is small enough to accommodate 14-15 people but mom & dad did well to do that. Mom prepared food (Matra-Kulche and Shahi Toast)  for the evening.

Eva dee slept soon after coming so could not play much with her but spent good amount of time with Aarushi dee, uncle and aunts. Everyone liked the food (hats off to mom) and my hospitality 🙂

It was indeed the first time that so many people came to our house, and for that matter, hardly anyone comes to our house. Not sure if dad doesn’t invite anyone or it is a small place which is the culprit.

I loved this evening.

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