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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Day 2 @ Ruby Hall

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After an awesome first day, 2nd day was equally exciting as I had completed my first night out with my mom and grand-maa. I think they managed to tolerate me quite well.

You know what, when I feel hungry I don’t feel like crying. Ek to bhook upar se roker aur gala sukhega, so no use. I better start cycling up and down and try to take my fingers inside my mouth, it’s not hygienic I know but that’s all right. And I get my milk as mom or grand-maa notice that immediately.

Thanku god for giving me such an understanding mom and equally understanding grand-maa.

2nd day was special for one more reason, I received welcome gifts from my cousins, Akshat and Samika and that too when they are actually not here but in Singapore. Thanks bhaiya and didi for the beautiful soft toy and beautiful bouquet.

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