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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Suddenly, my life has changed

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Believe me, my life has been changed after 8th Apr 2013. Today is the 11th day and I am enjoying it now.

What has changed??

I stopped, actually I have been stopped, relying on “buuji“. What is buuji??  I am not gonna share it here but if you know what it used to be for me than you would have definitely got an idea what I am taking about. I initially used to call it “Bua” then shorten it to “Buu” and finally gave it the needed respect by calling it “Buuji” or “Buu-ji“.

It all started on 8th eve, when dad suddenly thought of me getting rid of buuji dependency as it was not only restricting me to eat other stuffs but also weakening mom (I heard it does, not sure).

It was very difficult for first couple of days but later I started to develop different eating habits.

Dad has been taking me to the drawing room at night when I am not sleeping (without buuji) with television ON and I am sleeping fairly quickly except for few days when I pain him too till 4AM in the morning.

I generally lie- down on the floor with a pillow and watch TV until I go to my dreams. Dad clicked it once (Do check the time in the pic)


Having been 11 days into the project and new lifestyle, I have started enjoying it. I now eat, drink things not only at home but outside too. I love cola-drinks, McD french fries, cheese-slice, makhane, kishmish, milk etc.

So far so good but my sleeping time has changed. Sleeping between 1 and 2 in the night and getting up after 10:30 in the morning. This is fine as long as I am not going to school but I know it will be alright in a week time as we are going to Delhi. It will be fun.

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