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Konan & Enumia

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I am sure, you can’t imagine what these words stand for !! Except mom & dad, no one can ever know what I actually mean when I say Konan or Enumia.

One day when mom was teaching me alphabets, she said “L for Lion” and I repeated “Konan” with no similarities at all. So when I say “Konan” it means Lion.

Okay, now you have got what Konan is, can you now guess what does Enumia mean ??

If you have got it, please reply and I would really appreciate your intelligence but let me share that too in case you haven’t got it yet.

“E for Elephant” but for me it is “Enumia“, again with no similarities in the words at all.


Isn’t it funny, mom says Elephant, I say Enumia and when she says Lion, I say Konan. A good laugh for mom and dad indeed 🙂 🙂 🙂

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