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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

IPL match live from the stadium

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Players were yet to come, some were indeed practicing when dad clicked this pic at Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Pune. We went to see an IPL match between Pune Warriors India vs Chennai Super Kings which Pune Warriors won in the end. This was my first experience at the stadium. Quite an early one, I am yet to celebrate my first birthday.

We were there well before time and left after 15 overs of Pune Warriors innings. We wanted to avoid the rush in the end and certainly did.

Had an awesome time there. It was a blast with dad. We were dancing, making noises and all sorts of nasty things that you can think of. We were with mausi, mausa and Sashi bhai and thoroughly enjoyed the day out. I gave a nasty time to mom about my eating.

A funny instance happened: I was in dad’s arms and he was standing down the stand, near the field area and clicking pics. An uncle came and stood behind him. He was eating potato chips. While he was busy watching the game I took the packet from his hand. When he could not take it back from me, he complained to dad that your daughter has taken my pack 🙂 That was so funny. After dad gave it back to him, he was offering it back to us. Dad declined but I was too keen to snatch it back 🙂

You know, using me and my small bag, dad could manage to take his camera inside and clicked a lot pictures which I will share soon.

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