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Hard slap from dad

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Not a good day indeed 🙁

School started couple of weeks back (12th June 2014) and I am still not getting used to it. I cried a lot in the morning.

School nahi jana, Papa, mujhe school nahi jana, mujhe tomorrow school nahi jana, mujhe afternoon mein school nahi jana etc. are what I keep saying.

I give a very hard time to dad in wearing the school dress. Dad brought the dress last week only but yesterday was the first day I wore it.

Today also, I was not wearing it and dad gave me a very tight slap which imprinted 3 of his fingers on my face. I cried a lot but went to school afterwards.

I am always okay in the school after 15 minutes or so and extremely settled in an hour but not sure why I am not liking going to school. When I come out, I am as happy as I always am.

Teacher in the class noticed his fingers on my face and ensured dad was instructed politely in the afternoon to not repeat it. I had told to my teacher about who did it.

This post and the pics are to keep a record of it so that I can also hit him back pretty hard when I grow old and he grows older 🙁 🙁

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  1. Dad

    I am extremely sorry beta .. that wasn’t intentional nor I wanted to hit you that hard .. you just moved closer and it landed on your face hardly ….

    You may not know but I regretted later and also slapped myself pretty hard after that ….

    Sorry about that Aana …


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