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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

First One

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Here’s my first of the many stories coming soon on my this blog. I may not write a lot as I have just born and on some machine which is blowing hot air thus keeping the temperature suitable for me. My dad came, saw me and clicked few of my pics while I was asleep and crying in between. My grand-maa is also with me.


I am enjoying my first hour in this world, exactly at 2nd Floor, Gynecology ward, Near J ward, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune (Lat, Long : 18.535362, 73.877392)

Ruby Hall Clinic

You can see my first hour snaps that my dad took at my about me page.

Dad has just gone down to meet mom who is coming out of OT and would be shifted to ward soon. Thanku mom for all the hard work.

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