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[[Time spent on this earth so far]]

Enjoying the Pune weather

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Believe me, weather is awesome in Pune these days. I am enjoying every moment till the time I am in Pune. Soon I will be traveling to Delhi to meet all my family members, near and dear ones. You know, not everyone can come over to meet me in Pune so it’s better that I go and meet everyone there. I am looking forward to it.

Coming back to the weather, pre-monsoon showers are in full swing. I may not be able to enjoy the actual rainy season here in Pune, but I can certainly imagine, if cooler these days are, how those days would be.

I was not feeling well few days back, dad took me to doctor where doctor uncle commented about my inside system. He also suggested to keep me wrapped inside a thin sheet of cloth to have a sound sleep.

My grand-maa perfectly understood it and has been keeping me wrapped inside a quilt (as it’s a bit cold these days). And it worked wonder, I am having out of this world sleep inside the cozy cozy quilt and moreover not disturbing anyone much.

I think doctor uncle’s idea clicked. Thanku uncle.

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  1. Paa

    Betu, I know you are enjoying the weather and don’t wish to go to Delhi .. but don’t worry we would be back soon ..


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